EPW 2006

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EPW 2006

EPW Programme 2006

CEPI Annual Meeting

Download the CEPI Annual Meeting programme here

Title Speaker Document
Welcome and opening address Frits Beurskens, CEPI Chairman  
Keynote speech Ms Paula Lehtomäki, Finnish Minister for Foreign Trade, Cooperation and European affairs  
The importance of looking at the big picture Teresa Presas, CEPI Managing Director Presentation Slides
Sustainable Consumption and Production Policy Addressing Consumer Patterns Meglena Kuneva, European Commissioner for Consumer Affairs
Competitiveness in a challenging environment: the European perspective Bernard Lombard, CEPI Trade and Competitiveness Director  
Global competitiveness: the perspective from Asia Tom Wright, Hawkins Wright Presentation Slides
Is the Forest Action Plan of value to the paper industry? Bernard de Galembert, CEPI Forest Director  
The Forest Action plan: the NGO perspective Saskia Ozinga, FERN Presentation Slides
Energy: tipping the balance Marco Mensink, CEPI Energy & Environment Director  
An Energy provider’s perspective Lars Josefsson, CEO Vattenfall Presentation Slides
Can EU policies sustain competitive paper recycling? Jori Ringman, CEPI Recycling Director  
Competitiveness and Sustainability: The need for policy integration Pedro Ortun, European Commission, DG Enterprise Presentation Slides


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Download an overview of the Seminars here


Seminar 1 – The burning issue: Wood for energy or for paper?

Title Speaker Document
Biomass-based energy for Europe: an industry outlook Bernard de Galembert, CEPI Forest Director Presentation Slides
Bioenergy policies in Europe and biomass availability Kyriakos Maniatis, European Commission Presentation Slides
Possible environmental impacts Jean-Philippe Denruyter, WWF EPO Presentation Slides
Possible social impacts Christer Larsson, EMCEF Presentation Slides
Concrete local/regional cases – Austria, Sweden and Belgium Ulf Emanuelli, SFIF and Marc Ameels, Burgo Presentation Slides
Raw material vs biomass: creating values and jobs Jaakko Jokinen, Pöyry Presentation Slides


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Seminar 2 – Giving guidance or causing confusion – How far should ‘green’ public procurement go?

Title Speaker Document
The different dimensions of Green Public Procurement Marco Mensink, CEPI Energy & Environment Director Presentation Slides
The European Commission GPP policy plans Jeremy Wall, European Commission, DG Enterprise Presentation Slides
Member States National GPP policy plans Janneke de Jong, Veronique Joucla Presentation Slides
Green Public procurement in international trade Florence Simonetti, Huglo Lepage Presentation Slides


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Seminar 3 – Mind the gap: Where do industry and policy makers stand on waste?

Title Speaker Document
Opening Rhiannon James van Beuningen  
EU waste rules are changing: more resource efficiency promised Paul Speight, European Commission Presentation Slides
EU governance is changing: European Declaration on Paper Recycling sets an example rof HERITIER/Sandra ECKERT, New Modes of Governance Project, European University Institute Presentation Slides
Recycling versus energy: how is used paper best used? Alejandro Villanueva, European Environment Agency Presentation Slides


Speakers Biographies