29 Jun.2017 ,



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29 Jun.2017 ,

Food Contact Group meeting

29 Jun.2017 ,

European Packaging Summit

29 Jun.2017 ,

Ressource efficiency in electronic communication

The global industry standard for the Forest and Paper Industry papiNet is an important building block for electronic communication inside and outside of your organization.
PapiNet will explain why and show use cases from Forest and Paper companies.

Supporting information:

papiNet website:


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29 Jun.2017 ,

Two Team Project meeting

Chaired by VDP Vice President Dr. Hartmut Wurster, also Chairman of the INFOR Research Council, representatives of CEPI, PTS, university institutes, BASF and VDP will discuss innovative ways for the paper industry in a carbon-reduced economy.

Attendees will also be the members of the CEPI TWO TEAM PROJECT. Their task is to accelerate the development of breakthrough technologies and processes for the manufacturing of paper. By this the paper industry wants to meet the plans of the European Commission, to reduce CO2 emissions in the EU till 2050 by 80% compared to 1990 and simultaneously increase value creation by 50%.

Information about the agenda and the registration link can be found in the invitation.

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